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    Question generic incubator not reaching temp

    Hi Mark - our issue up here in NT is not trying to keep the heat in, but rather trying to keep the internal temperature of the house under 38 degrees. If it rises to more than that, all my incubators start to fault. During the Wet Season, I run the incubators inside with the air conditioning...
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    Question generic incubator not reaching temp

    I have just bought one of these incubators off Ebay. My issue with it was it wouldn't stablise the temperature. Worked out the lid was the issue - leaking too much heat. I placed a heavy object on the lid, and bang! It holds temp now within a degree or two.
  3. Straw Bail Goat Shed

    Straw Bail Goat Shed

    $60.00 total build - GOLD!
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    Question Keeping Backyard Dairy Goats?

    The nanny will come into milk once she's kidded. You'll need to leave her feed the little one/s 100% for the first two months or so, then you can start to take your share. Once you commit to milking, you have to continue - with most goats, its twice a day while she's in full milk. If you...
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    Question Keeping Backyard Dairy Goats?

    I keep goats on five acres - minatures. Tried Saanan milkers, but they just grow too big for my family to handle in my absence - especially the Billies. Remember you can milk any nanny, just the volume varies. They are prone to a few diseases, and are certainly veracious eaters. Don't make...
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    I have a small herd of goats up here in NT. I started out with Saanen milk goats. Love them as kids but they grow up. They are a larger breed, and whilst the nanny stays relatively compact, the Billy gets BIG. I had no trouble handling them, but they were a nightmare for family if I needed a...