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    tiny tim dwarf tomato

    Dave, I grow in ground and have planted basil several ways. Since I grow organically, I am not sure if I would like all the 'nutrients' that hydro needs. Sometimes from seed they usually don't do too well, but this year they did. In the past I have bought "living basil" in the grocery store...
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    tiny tim dwarf tomato

    Hi again, Dave I would love to see pics of your hydro setup. Am curious but will probably not try to accomplish myself. Growing in the ground is complicated enough LOL Have a wonderful week !! P J, the Dirt Diva and DivingTemptress
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    Dwarf Tomato Project - Get Involved !

    Hi Dave, Yes, Victory Seeds in Oregon is one of the 3 sources to buy for the Dwarf Tomato Project, in fact on their website I just read ... " The Victory Seed Company, along with three other small companies, were chosen by the project to produce seed and introduce these varieties to the...
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    Trying out Hot Composting

    Hi Nicole, Hard to know how to advise without knowing what you have already done. It is always safe to keep turning the pile to increase air flow thru the pile and it should be at least 3ft x 3ft x 3ft to have enough mass to heat up. You may have added too much moisture, so let it dry out for...
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    Dwarf Tomato Project - Get Involved !

    Hi Dave, are those from the dwarf project ? The list is quite different here in the U. S. I am looking forward to getting some to try this next spring !! Happy Gardening !! P J, the Dirt Diva
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    Question What type of tomato is this?

    Love the coloration !! I am curious to know how it tastes ....
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    Improving poor landscape supply “garden soil”

    Hi Adam, Building your soil is the MOST important aspect of gardening !! You feed the soil, the soil feeds the plants and then the plants feed you. Please do not do this step halfway, or you will be disappointed in your results. I suggest you start small, grow in containers while you get your...
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    Dear Members - apology...

    Hi Mark, Charity and all like-minded gardeners, Charity, your post is a prime example of how we can all help each other .... I too live under the hot Texas Sun and season after season, I am finding more fruits and veggies that can handle it without a herculean effort to keep them alive. In...
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    Backyard to food forest

    Hi Andrew the bunnies are adorable !!! and the garden is looking quite lush. A walking tour video sounds like a grand idea ... be sure to include before and after perspective because you have done so much in a very short period of time. It is a true showcase !!! Kudos to you, Bro ! P J, the...
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    Pithecellobium dulce, the Manila Tamarind interesting fruit

    Hi Andrew, I had no idea that they would restrict seeds ... do they check letters? Since I have not ever mailed seeds, I had no idea how that would work. Maybe someone down under had this tree fruiting age. They grow really fast. Happy Gardening !! P J, the Dirt Diva
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    Question Hi everyone, Can I use dried sea weed in compost for a carbon source?

    Hi Alex, shredded paper is an excellent source also cardboard, brown paper bags and newspaper (not colored ink) and of course, leaves. If your neighbors rake their leaves gather them right before trash pickup and your neighbors will love you for it !! Also, if there is a local tree trimmer...
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    Pithecellobium dulce, the Manila Tamarind interesting fruit

    Hey Andrew, I have quite a few seeds now, but have been told they are only viable for about 6 months, so if you want some, now is the time to acquire them. I have no idea how long it will be before I have fruit. Let me know if interested, otherwise I will just keep you apprised of my progress...
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    Finally, my carambolas are flowering !!

    Sweet and delicious !! And the jam recipe was easy ... complete success on my first attempt !
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    How to grow and make rosella jam

    Hi Mark, My roselle is definitely an annual ... It starts VERY slow, but by summer in going full steam. I gave away all my extras this year and had 1 plant that grew to be over 10 feet tall !! Oh and they have all needed support as they get taller or have uprooted in wind and stormy weather...
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    Finally, my carambolas are flowering !!

    Progress report .... fruit is ripening nicely, not all at once just 1 or 2 a day either falling off the tree themselves or ready to pick. There are now hundreds of blossoms on the two trees !!! I have been slicing them up and storing in the freezer. There are now about a dozen so today I made...