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    vikinglord's new vegetable garden!!!

    Oh, I thought it was just my shortcut. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one having trouble with the site. Mark is most likely working on it. Interesting re the dragons. I try to have suitable food for them growing/ alive in the wilds of my horse paddocks. I'll have to think how I can...
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    Mint has white spots

    Use soluble or foliar fertilizer if you can so the plant gets it asap. Don't rely on the roots to be healthy enough to uptake fertilizer.
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Tamara said "I get a divine sugarless cup of coffee in the morning in the comfort of my pyjamas without leaving home" YES! that is the way to have coffee! Sitting on one's own verandah watching the little birds visit my garden. All these people now working from home should finally be able to...
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    Hi from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    Hi Tim and wife/family. We look forward to seeing your garden photos. My place is a bit south of Gympie too.
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    Problem Tomato’s

    Have you had your soil tested or the manure? Or do you know for a fact that where you get your fresh cow manure from they use it on their pastures? I ask all these questions because if you are simply going by plant signs and symptoms, it could be other things causing issues as well. I'm not...
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    Banana tree help

    Things I noticed were that the surrounding soil looks very acid due to all those weeds growing. So the plant might be showing some acidity issues like calcium deficiency. I can't see any nitrogen deficiency in the plant you've shown us. Bananas like neutral pH or slightly acid 5.5 -6.5 pH range...
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Yes re the stevia patch. Next time you do this experiment Mark, think ahead and get that stevia patch firing first! ........And a milking goat or some white nuts for milk! or rice or sunflower seeds I think can be used. There's no reason why you couldn't grow a container or 3 of rice (not the...
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    Question What are people using for snails?

    What would I use on snails? Well, I'd gather them all up and drop into a 20lt drum with good lid that has 2-4lt of bran in the bottom. After 3days in there maybe having to change it daily depending on the numbers of snails, and the snails having been fully purged, I'd take them out and wash...
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    Problem Tomato’s

    Elin you intimated you added a photo yet I see none. Could you elaborate regarding your question about using cow manure, please?
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    Another good harvest

    You need to cut it down. Cut it off on the truck of the tree at your shoulder height no higher. Force the new shoots that grow from the old main stem to bend over back towards the ground. Don't let it run up trees. It's just a waste. That part that's growing up in the branches will continue to...
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    It might depend on how much added sugar there was in that OJ. They say they don't add extra sugar but they sure add a lot to bring the OJ up to the level equal to natural juice full of overripe sugars.
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    G’day from Adelaide

    Your trees shading out the greenery on the ground and large trees in general sounds much like my place. I also have that size hansa but find it so noisy I rarely use it. I'd use the dead pine needles as weed preventative elsewhere in my garden too.
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Oh Vicky, I didn't think about sugar cane! I even grow it myself for a sweet treat but didn't think to include it in my sweet list in the previous post. I watched those tv shows. Certainly was an eye opener and shock for the participants, particularly in the early days when they were setting...
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Sounds to me like its time you got a milking goat! You must surely have enough browse from your garden prunings to keep one in good nick. Then you would have milk, cheese, yoghurt from the get-go. Along with another source of animal manure for your compost. Cos on the diet you have so far shown...
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    Question Rockmelons

    When the seed company writes that on their pack they are using commercial growing timings to provide that info. It is just general advice. Commercial plants tend to set most flowers simultaneously so the crop can be harvested on the same day.