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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Hey @Mark, every time you say "jicama hickama" it reminds me that you can use Google to check your pronunciations for many words if you're unsure. If you search for "pronounce blah" then it will tell you how that word is generally said. Just click on the picture of the person's mouth to hear...
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    Radish seeds

    I've gotten them to that point but then you have to sit there peeling them open one by one and you get maybe 2-3 seeds out of each one, then some of them ping all over the place if you open the pod too quickly. I mean it's fine, but it's one of those things that makes you wonder whether someone...
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    Radish seeds

    Is there a particular way you're supposed to collect the seeds? I've peeled open the dry spongy pods to get the seeds out but it's a bit of a slow process. I'm wondering if there's any trick to it?
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    That's very true about all the prepper trinkets. I often wonder what the point is of them. I've been told they are often handy for people who regularly go camping in faraway places with no infrastructure but there aren't many people around doing that! But that to me is somewhat extreme...
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    That's interesting, not being used to storing bulk foods I hadn't thought about weevils and other pests having eggs on the grain. One of the regular YouTubers I watch has been doing videos recently about cheap UV-C tubes you can buy from China that are used for sterilisation, but unfortunately...
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    Question How much of a Dragonfruit is edible?

    I'm in Brisbane too and mine have been growing (from cuttings and from seeds) for 3-4 years now and haven't flowered or fruited yet either. I think maybe they aren't getting enough sun, or possibly I'm over fertilising them which promotes green grown rather than going to seed.
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    Solar panels instead of shade cloth

    I agree. I remember hearing about a local university having a small solar farm and spending a fortune on keeping the grass mowed, until they had the bright idea of letting the sheep they used for teaching vets loose and had them eat the grass instead, so they no longer had to pay for mowing and...
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    Question Fire prevention

    I'm also interested in this as I am working towards making the move out of the city and would hate to have to worry about fires coming through. Only thing I can say is that while the succulents might help act as a fire break, one of the big problems I have heard of with controlling the spread...
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    Solar panels instead of shade cloth

    Hi all, Just read an interesting article this morning which I thought may be of interest: Where I am in the subtropics it seems the sun can be very harsh, and a number of people are using shade cloth to take the...
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    [SOLVED - Yes] Found this fruit. Is it edible?

    Nope, as we said above, it's the fruit from a Leichhardt Tree :)
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    At a crossroads

    If you live in the property, legally making it your "principal place of residence" (PPOR) then you shouldn't pay any capital gains tax when you sell, as your own home is exempt. But if you buy it as an investment (where all the costs become tax deductible) then you certainly will pay CGT when...
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    At a crossroads

    When you calculated that it was cheaper to buy than to rent, did you include stamp duty and legal fees at both the buying and selling stage, as well as the agent's commission at sale time? I assume you included rates, land tax and possible body corp fees. Did you calculate the value for...
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    Disinfecting eggs before incubation - does anyone do this?

    Can't speak from any sort of experience, but if they aren't disinfected when naturally incubated then it can't be crucial. The egg shells are somewhat permeable (that's how the baby chick can breathe) so you'd have to be careful to disinfect it with something that won't harm the embryo. If the...
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    Dragon fruit (pitaya)

    I can see the need for the tyre if the segments themselves will bend, but I'm wondering whether if the bending point is right on the thin tough link between two segments whether it might work - one for my own experiments one day I think! I will be very interested to hear how you go with the...
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    60k Subscribers on my YouTube Channel

    Definitely agree that as a content creator you want to be on as many platforms as possible, so that subscribers don't get put off because they are forced to use a platform that isn't working for them. Shame there's no way to post once and have it show up in the member sections of all the...