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    Bashing solar panel owners again for higher electricity prices

    As mentioned before we are totally off-grid, but I have a mate who I catch up with weekly at Blokes Group whose power bill is over $2000.00 per quarter. It's just him and his wife and they have a pool. Our system is 16 kw with a back up gennie and it runs three dwellings (House, Granny flat and...
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    My 100% Organic Spelt bread recipe

    Hi Mary Just make sure the dough is very sticky and use heaps of flour when you roll it out. The other thing is to make sure the hotplate you cook it on is very hot and turn the naan as soon as it begins to bubble. Cook on this side until the high spots brown a little. Brush with melted ghee and...
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    My Humble Garden

    Hi Becca, From your description, I would say what you have are Cape Gooseberries. We also live totally off the grid; -it's a great feeling not to have to bow to 'the man' as much as some others. It's also a great feeling when I see the Energex guy reading meters in our district and knowing he's...
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    Hi Cut Welcome to the forum. Please excuse my ignorance, is NC, North Carolina? Bearded1
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    Hello from Kentucky

    Hi Chad, Welcome to the forum. I intend to develop a herd of Dexter's in the not too distant future (hopefully). They are good for meat and milk and my wife is interested in cheese making and I love beef. We also have wild dogs here, but so far they haven't attacked our goats, so any tips on how...
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    Mabuhay! (Hello! from Philippines)

    Hi Jose, I was in the Philippines on Siargao Island a couple of years ago. My friend and I started a charity a few years ago and one of the things we do is clean water projects. We are currently working with the authorities on the Island to provide clean water to the entire population of the...
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    Get a Hisense HD TV instead of 4k UHD Samsung or LG

    Hi Mark, I haven't been posting on here for a while as my mum passed away on the 12th, so I didn't get a chance to comment on this post. We recently bought the same tele and although the picture etc. is fine, I loathe the menus. They don't seem to make any sense and what I would consider all of...
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    Question Fresh Horse Poo?

    The other issue with horse poo is that because horses don't ruminate (chew the cud), whole seeds pass through them, making it very likely that you will introduce weeds into the equation. I've had this happen before and now won't use it. Also if you cut yourself whilst using the stuff or...
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    Question Young apple tree trunk attacked

    I think the invaders have a lead deficiency. Easily fixed.
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    My 100% Organic Spelt bread recipe

    I made some spelt roti last night. It was exceptionally good. I made the dough three days ago and let it sit in the fridge to rest. I just used spelt, salt and water to make a sticky dough and left it for 3 days in the fridge. Rolled out pieces the size of a squash ball into very thin rounds and...
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    Growing Strawberries, Tips From The Farm, & Home-grown

    I noticed yesterday that I have my first strawberry flowers on;- already!
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    Is this an Aloe-Vera?

    We have had Aloe Vera around for years and that does not look like it. However this one looks like it . There must be quite a few varieties.
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    Question Young apple tree trunk attacked

    Hi Ash, Beautiful property there, well done. It may be roos, but there is a lot of grass around so I would have thought that they would eat that before tree bark. Do any of your neighbours have goats? Or, are there any wild deer around. I have goats and I know that they will do that to trees...
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    Huge outdoor pizza oven building project pledge

    I reckon I could build a beauty for well under $500.00
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    Huge outdoor pizza oven building project pledge

    Yandina demolition has solid bricks atm for $1.00 each. These could be used for the actual oven, but not the base