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    I've been busy of the past few months

    Great work there Mark. And yes, (the forum) Mark's videos have been amazing. He's a real gem.
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    True that. I'd like to try broccoli again next season (they too were hammered by critters big and small), and try netting them. I have capsicums that have just shrivelled under the stress of the heat and grasshoppers chomping at them often, so they are going to be harder to manage given they...
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    I have 6 apple trees, 4 orange, 1 mandarin, 3 nectarine/plum, 2 lemon and 1 peach tree, and apart from the mandarin and orange trees, all need protecting from birds, possums, fruit fly and worms. I can't think of a solution that will take care of all of these pesky pests, but I've found that...
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    Yep, upping the pest control is probably my only chance, and I’ll try again next season. Thanks for the encouragement ClissAT
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    Well it's been a while, but I have been busy with work/family and have had little time to myself these days. But from the previous discussion, there has been little improvement in my garden bed despite having an offending possum caught and let go far away to prevent a repeat on the eating of all...
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    Dick Smith on overseas booking sites

    Saw this some time ago also. Not something that is self-evident, so well worth informing the general population about. The middle-man in any transaction is not the guy we should support.
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    Hi from melbourne

    G’day Kate and welcome here. You’ve done well to follow Mark’s tips to grow these veggies. Most of us here struggle with having to keep them growing and keep pests away. Hope you enjoy the forum.
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    Solar Garden Lights

    Yep. Buy it cheap, buy it twice (or thrice). And solar technology is okay but the lights and batteries used for these kinds of items are just quickly disposable. I’ve gone away from just about all of the solar powered things other than a laser light and the grid panels. Quality is just too poor.
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    Chicken Evolution

    Especially with all the steroids these birds are being fed - the size of eggs these days is unprecedented.
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    Broccoli and Brussell Sprouts

    Well done Lois. How will you protect them from these rodents?
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    Howdy from Texas

    Welcome from Australia and good to have you here to share your unique experienced from the US. Look forward to your posts.
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    Greetings from the USA!

    Nice to have you here Auron. That's a nice variety of fruits and vegetables you're growing. How much space do you have to grow these in?
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    I've just gone and pitched up a few star pickets and netted the area in the hope that the buggers don't get under/around/through it for the rest of the pumpkins growing in there. It'll stop bees unfortunately from pollinating the remaining flowers but I don't have a strong mesh to pitch up to...
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    My potted garden

    I'm impressed too. Well done and thanks for sharing this. I like the results you're getting. Great climate for it all.
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    Question What's eating my produce/plants?

    It'll be either possums or hares, as they are both seen to be around, leaving their droppings on the grass a lot, digging up small holes in the grassed areas as well. Fencing sounds great, but will make the backyard a bit of an eye sore for the missus. I'll have to think about that one. No...