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    Hi from Virginia, US

    That's quite the list, i'll be interested in seeing how you go with them.
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    Hi from Virginia, US

    Welcome, I imagine a greenhouse or growing indoors will help in your climate. Anything in particular that you plan to grow?
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    Mid summer Growing ideas for Queensland

    Okra is a quick grower for something different. Zucchini is another good one.
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    Home BioGas Digester purchase

    Thanks for sharing, this is something I've been considering too, but didn't know there was a company making them. Does it accumulate solid waste in the digester & are you able to access it to remove?
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    Welcome Ivy, I think you will find many like minded folks around here.
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    Backyard to food forest

    Sure, I don't know if it works yet, but this is it: 1L water 1.5 tablespoons of cloudy ammonia 3 tablespoons of sugar 1 tablespoon of vegemite 1.5 teaspoons of vanilla Mix well & let it sit over night, then use at a rate of 3 teaspoons to a litre of water in the traps. I used plastic juice...
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    Hello from Southern Adelaide

    I've only been here about 10 months & have 3 chooks, which are much louder than advertised. One seems to have taken on the role of rooster & squawks loudly at anything she sees or hears, I have to send the dog outside so she calms down. I've been mostly pest free so far, I think it's due to the...
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    Hello from Southern Adelaide

    Much the same, lots of fruit trees planted this year. I've interplanted with comfrey & other herbs which is doing a great job of keeping the soil cool. I have a temperature sensor at the base of an apricot tree. It was showing 25c, while the main unit in the shade of the deck was at 32c! I also...
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    Question on perpetual spinach

    Hi Jenny, Beta Vulgaris var cicla. Its a green leafed variety of swiss chard.
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    Fermentation Christmas

    Those tops are great, they make it so easy to know how the ferment is progressing. I leave them until the top tries to suck back in. I've only made sauerkraut/kimchi myself, but would like to do some pickling in the future.
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    Hello from Southern Adelaide

    Welcome, are you growing anything at the moment?
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    Backyard to food forest

    Thanks! I was in the front yard this morning, planning it's next stage & there is a bit of lawn that I dumped some compost on earlier in the year. Its really nice & healthy. The natives around the fence line are taking off & will give some privacy in a year or two. I'm thinking that i'll leave...
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    what a difference a bit of humidity makes!!

    I remember everything growing like a weed in Queensland, it's a great climate for growing things. Not too hot & a nice constant temperature day & night. I have the same problem as you here, I repot & everything dries out. If its not in the ground, it doesn't seem happy.
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    Backyard to food forest

    Hi all, I won a competition! @stevo posted on here at the start of the year about a bee garden challenge he was running on his website I submitted a before & after shot of the section of the garden I set aside from this & won! There are also some great entries...
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    Trying out Hot Composting

    Soil is fine to add, it won't count as either though. The carbon & nitrogen are foods for the organisms that are creating your compost. Soil is what is left after they eat the carbon & nitrogen. So if you have an over active pile, then adding soil will sort of buffer it & slow things down.