Mrs. Beeton's Capers

Mrs. Beeton's Capers

Mrs. Beeton's Capers
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These are made from nasturtium seeds. Put them into a bottle once cleaned and washed, then poor a hot spiced vinegar mix over them. We keep in fridge as we don't seal. Anything in vinegar lasts forever though. One day I might investigate vacuum sealing them. They add a nice spicy crunch to a salad. Summer is a great time to collect them.
Oh wow - I've never seen nasturtium seeds used like capers before! That's amazing...
Kasalia do you split the seeds before bottling? What I mean is that nasturtiums have their seeds in pairs inside a pod. Do you open the pod?

re vacuum sealing, it's as simple as only using bottles with lids that have the little rubber seal inside them. Secondhand bottles are fine so long as you clean completely & the rubber & the metal of the lid are not damaged.
So you would have cooked the contents in some way (ie jam, relish or cocktail onions) then pour in the hot contents & cap immediately. As they cool the lids will 'pop' to seal.
The lids of all jars that were sealed when you bought them can be resealed by this process.
The center of the lid will be sucked down tight if it is a good seal.

So you either pour on hot liquid or fill with hot contents which contracts as it cools which sucks the lid tight & causes the pop.
Or you start with cold or warm contents, put the lid on then bring up to temperature in a water bath or pressure cooker & hold for a period of time to be sure all contents have reached same temp.
Then allow to cool which causes the suction to seal the lid.
ClissAT, By vacuum I meant the bags, I have a pressure cooker for "canning: and a Vacola . I thinking cooking the seeds would spoil them. Yes we separate the pods to individual seeds. Most pods hold three.

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