Apple tree protection

Apple tree protection

  • Ash
pest damage
Those spiney clippings around the base look like they're off a native lime tree - should give those pesky rabbits a nice surprise when they come back! :twothumbsup:
You're probably right. They were clippings from a poor looking multi-grafted citrus tree of some sort. That's the idea until I can get back there with some decent barriers. I've already picked them up from our local Masters store - it's just a matter of getting the time to go out again to pitch them up around the poor trees.
@Ash just of topic slightly but I know a farmer who is converting his strawberry farm into a native lime orchard. He reckons this will be the new BIG thing in the gourmet fruit industry in the next decade. It might be a good idea to look after that tree! :)
Ooh, okay. I'll see how it fares because it was a sad looking multi graft that looks like has reverted to its rootstock growth. Fortunately I have a better looking young Tahitian Lime tree in the ground that I think I can take care of. I might have to go for more...

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