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SolaX hybrid inverter solar system

Solar power with battery backup

Ash, Feb 19, 2016
    • Ash
      This is the SolaX X-hybrid SK-SU5000E inverter with battery backup and Emergency Power Supply unit. It is relatively new technology but SolaX has recently released their 3rd generation inverter overseas that has broader capabilities and more responsive automatic power controls that are suited to clients such as small and large-scale businesses. For now, this 2nd generation hybrid inverter might just do, but as I've learnt there are a number of issues that an owner should know about to get the most out of the system. Things such as knowing what your grid power tariffs are, when to have hot water charging, how much battery back up power is sufficient, and knowing what your daily total power consumption is goes a long way. These are not automatically looked into by the solar system sellers or installers, or even the power company (none of them have a vested interest in your bottom dollar).
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