Mrs. Beeton's Capers

Mrs. Beeton's Capers

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Home Grown Lunch

Home Grown Lunch

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Self-Sufficient Photo of the Month Dec/2015

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I was about to eat my lunch when I realised I should take a photo because everything right down to the vinegar in the dressing was home made or grown.
Even the fire cider in the dressing was made by my daughter using my herbs & spices of chili, ginger, garlic, etc.
The only thing not home grown/made was the bread mix & oil.
Even the chooks eat mostly from the garden these days.
True self-sufficiency! I bet your lunch not only tasted great but was totally free from chemicals and other unwanted additives.

I'd like to read how you make your own vinegar sometime... that's something I'm yet to try.
Mark I have to say the vinegar was mostly the domain of my daughter who has several versions of 'mothers' to choose from & depending on what part of her digestive system she is attempting to heal.
Once you have a 'mother' you just need to add a certain quantity of fruit juice & use the appropriate type of jar to brew it in.
The mother is easy to buy now since Apple Cider Vinegar complete with Mother is now sold in most supermarkets. Or good butchers that sell organic meat & eggs will also sell vinegar mothers or large volumes of vinegars complete with mothers.
Some people use massive amounts of the stuff for a lot more than just eating.

Same 'mother' system applies to yoghurt, soft cheeses, bread yeast, etc. They are all live cultures.

Here are a couple of links to various types of vinegars. Some will be alcoholic.
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We make vinegar when we bottle apples. All the skins and leftover bits go into a bucket and gets covered. This is left to ferment several weeks and then we strain off the liquid, we label it apple cider vinegar although we don't get a "Mother." First lot is clear, remaining bottles cloudy. Tastes like apple vinegar.

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