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  1. OskarDoLittle
    OskarDoLittle Kasalia
    Hi Kasalia, at the risk of sounding do I send you a PM?!!
  2. Bridget
    Living the life on an island
  3. Chris n Jen
    Chris n Jen
    Getting back to basics
  4. Steve
    Just trying to stay on top of the weeds! Why can't we cross a weed with a veggie so it grows like mad!
    1. ClissAT
      Steve when you are finished yours you can do mine too! lol
      I gave up trying to keep the weeds under control when my push mower broke.
      Dec 24, 2017
  5. Anthony kai
    Anthony kai
    Hey i was wondering would a bamboo shoot be a good support pole for my pitaya?
  6. Lois
    Hi, I help in garden trimming, weeding, watering, picking ripe things to beat the fruit flies now. Like SSC reminds me to do things
  7. Leticia Impey
    Leticia Impey
    Hi anyone have tips for harvesting bamboo .Id like to use some for construction . Will it straighten when on ground.
  8. Zeeshan
    Zeeshan Mark
    Hello Mark,
    In my region minimum temperature uses to be 10 C in winter. Will some kind of olive tree fruit here?
    Moreover you mentioned in your posts an online nersary which provides advice for specific kind of olive tree for low chill (less cool) winter areas.
  9. Jt Queenslander
    Jt Queenslander
    Beginner :)
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  10. Maria
    Maria Mark
    This evening one female quail started fighting with her last cage mate (since I had to separate the others) and she broke her beak trying to get away from the aggressor! The top half is totally broken!. What should I do to help her? I will be totally bummed if she doesn't survive this...any advice is welcomed gladly!
  11. Sherry Robitson
    Sherry Robitson Mark
    Thank you for those wonderful YouTube videos! So much good information that can be applied no matter what country you live in.
  12. Mark
    Mark Steve
    Happy Birthday! :)
    1. Steve
      Thanks buddy.
      Oct 16, 2017
  13. Sherry Robitson
    Sherry Robitson
    Love Gardening for the wildlife
  14. JaninaG
    JaninaG Mark
    Hi Mark,
    Made it to the forum.... seems my PC deleted the forum.... Now to go and buy some of that so ugly its beautiful Yellow Dragon, and hope it likes Victoria :) oh and my tree stumps :)
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  15. Marilyn Ethel
    Marilyn Ethel
    I wish to learn...
  16. Mataeka
    Woo! 6 more tomatoes harvested today with another handful ready to go! Who knew a small balcony could produce so much!
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  17. Mark
    Mark cajun
    Happy Birthday! :)
  18. Daniel.Mav
    Currently building a new house on 3600m2 in greenbank.
  19. Mohamed Hareez
    Mohamed Hareez
    This is M.Hareez form Srilanka
  20. Grover64
    "fall down seven times stand up eight"