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  1. Raymondo
    Raymondo Mark Seaton
    I like your sentiment , you have to be careful what you ask for haha cheers Raymondo
  2. JGalla
    Hey I'm Jess, I'm on the Gold Coast here in Australia, I have been gardening since I finally got myself a patch of land.
  3. myfreakinway Diana
    myfreakinway Diana
    Made plans for building our chicken coop... turning an old rabbit-home into a chicken coop for at least 2 chicks...
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  4. Daniel.Mav
    Currently building our homestead on a 1 acre block
  5. Mark Seaton
    Mark Seaton
    I always wanted to be somebody, but now I realise I should have been more specific.
  6. Katie
    Don't tell secrets in the garden. The potatoes have eyes the corn has ears and the beanstalk.
  7. Paul Mathews
  8. myfreakinway Diana
    myfreakinway Diana
    Starting to learn living a more self sufficient life!
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  9. Jari Byrialsen
    Jari Byrialsen
    Gardener student in Denmark, doing some extra studying on the side.
  10. Raymondo
    Raymondo Steve
    They say a weed is a plant we haven't found a use for yet, keep looking and sharing cheers Raymondo
  11. ralda
    Hi from Allora, SEQ, I am new to these forums and have no idea how/where to start!
  12. Wellspring
    What a treasure trove this site is! Just getting started exploring
  13. Aidann Greenwolfe
  14. Mathew R
    Mathew R
    New to horriculture and loving every moment!
  15. Alma Jean
    Alma Jean
    What is this?. A trophy.?
  16. Krisy Campbell
    Krisy Campbell
    That time of year again , I’m a very happy chook
  17. Alma Jean
    Alma Jean
    Hello folks I ‘m in Adelaide South Australia always been into organic gardening currently smitten with Japanese quail.
  18. My Thai Cooking
    My Thai Cooking
    Authentic Thai Cooking Classes. My Thai Cooking offers entertaining & engaging Thai cuisine experiences and cooking classes in Bangkok.
  19. Laura Gibbs
    Laura Gibbs Mark
    I bought the cheap Chinese 55 egg incubator with automatic turner. The instructions was in Chinese please help!
    1. Mark
      @Laura Gibbs can you take a pic and create a new thread please so I can see it? Maybe then we can work it out
      Feb 12, 2019
  20. sani