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  1. Jari Byrialsen
    Jari Byrialsen
    Gardener student in Denmark, doing some extra studying on the side.
  2. Raymondo
    Raymondo Steve
    They say a weed is a plant we haven't found a use for yet, keep looking and sharing cheers Raymondo
  3. ralda
    Hi from Allora, SEQ, I am new to these forums and have no idea how/where to start!
  4. Wellspring
    What a treasure trove this site is! Just getting started exploring
  5. Aidann Greenwolfe
  6. Mathew R
    Mathew R
    New to horriculture and loving every moment!
  7. Alma Jean
    Alma Jean
    What is this?. A trophy.?
  8. Krisy Campbell
    Krisy Campbell
    That time of year again , I’m a very happy chook
  9. Alma Jean
    Alma Jean
    Hello folks I ‘m in Adelaide South Australia always been into organic gardening currently smitten with Japanese quail.
  10. My Thai Cooking
    My Thai Cooking
    Authentic Thai Cooking Classes. My Thai Cooking offers entertaining & engaging Thai cuisine experiences and cooking classes in Bangkok.
  11. Laura Gibbs
    Laura Gibbs Mark
    I bought the cheap Chinese 55 egg incubator with automatic turner. The instructions was in Chinese please help!
    1. Mark
      @Laura Gibbs can you take a pic and create a new thread please so I can see it? Maybe then we can work it out
      Feb 12, 2019
  12. sani
  13. James Doherty
    James Doherty
    Hey Mark any word on getting those round beds here in the USA?
  14. Techno 2
    Techno 2
  15. Mark
    Mark CjFrancis
    Hey Colin, ref our email conversation I see I have already upgraded your membership to Premium lol... cool thanks again for joining us :)
  16. Mark
    Mark the Decoy
    Hi there, just wanted to let you know that your account has been upgraded to Premium. This should have been identified earlier and your account upgraded - better late than never. Thanks for joining SSC :)
  17. KarinK
    Hello from New York City, looking for a way to keep at least some herbs on my apto...thanks for your help.
    1. Mark
      Hi Karin, start a thread in our "fruit & veg" section so we can go over some ideas more easily instead of this limited profile section. Cheers :)
      Aug 28, 2018
  18. Mark Becker
    Mark Becker
    empowerer by the sun!
  19. DarcyConroy
    Awaiting titling and building of new home, learning and planning in the (interminable) meantime!
  20. ClissAT
    ClissAT AndrewB
    Hi Andrew, I wanted to send you a pm because I have applied to do a 3D printer course that also involves designing & development on computer.
    I wondered if you can give me some pointers.
    You made mention of having a 3D printer in a thread a while back.
    Is it just a hobby interest or do you have more significant qualifications?
    1. AndrewB
      Hi Clissa,
      Mainly a hobby, I have been making 3d models on computers for a number of years now. I am getting more involved with printing through my job lately (mostly in sales though, as our printers are all located overseas).

      What are you hoping to get out of the course?

      You can email me if you like, the word count here kind of restricts how much I can type.
      Jun 18, 2018
    2. ClissAT
      I sent you an email Andrew
      Jun 19, 2018